With so many different training options to choose from, picking a gym can be as hard as deciding which cafe on Main Street should be your breakfast spot on a Sunday morning.

So, how do you know which coach and training alternative is for you?

Don’t stress, I’m here to help.

Firstly, look at what you have tried before but still haven’t quite succeeded with. (They say the definition of crazy to is repeat something and expect a different result.)

Secondly, figure out what it is that you love doing. It’s going to be much easier to persist with something you enjoy over exercise you merely tolerate.

  • If you like lifting weights, then you should lift weights.
  • If you like cardio, do some cardio.
  • If you like to mix it up, find a gym that offers a variety of training.

At Laneway Fitness, we offer small group training right in the heart of beautiful Samford Valley. Our sessions have a limited capacity, which means they can be tailored to suit people of all ages and abilities.



I believe small groups trump big groups… and yes, I may be a little biased when answering this question but coaching a variety of different style and sized classes over the past 8-and-a-half years has given me the insight and qualifications to reach that decision.


Here’s why:


  1. Quality control

    It’s a lot easier for a coach to ensure 6 people are using the correct technique when training compared to 20-30 people.

    Quite simply, it is just physically impossible to deliver quality coaching to members of a big group of 20 or so individuals with varying abilities and experience when training together.

  2. Correct Progressions

    With the above in mind, it can take some time for the coach to deliver the correct progression safely and effectively to a large group of members with varying abilities.

    For example, Member A might be able to squat their own body weight for reps, while Member B right next to them has never squatted with a barbel in their life.

    Now multiply this problem by 5 and add 7 different levels of ability into your group of 20.

    It doesn’t take an exercise scientist to understand the quality of the session will drop when one coach is running around trying to coach everyone’s own issues.

  3. Simplicity isn’t always the solution

    Some fitness facilities whose trainers struggle to coach 20 individuals in 60 mins have chosen to simplify fitness.

    Now don’t get me wrong, training, nutrition and balancing your lifestyles habits can be simple, but not to the point of only programming exercises a 6-year-old does in their school PE session.

    The answer isn’t a snatch complex either… and by that I mean, Sara the mother of 3, isn’t going to have a better quality of life by being able to snatch 2x her body weight. I believe you must find a happy medium.

  4. Injury Management

    Now, this cat stands in its own respective lane.Everyone has picked up an injury or two over their lifetime, whether it be from getting all Coyote Ugly on a bar table in their 20’s or underestimating the firmness of the floor when chasing after a rogue runaway child.

    The point is they happen. We are all nursing something. Now fast-forward to the day that you want to join a gym and get your life and fitness back on track.

    I want you to imagine that you are walking into a packed gym. The music is pumping and there are sweaty bodies flinging themselves all over the place. The coach looks busy trying to show the other new guy how to squat and there is a line-up of other members waiting for his attention.

    The truth is you will probably sit back and try work through the pain rather than asking the coach for the right way to work around the injury. You may even last 3-4 more weeks, before the injury prevents you from attending all the classes you intended to.

    Eventually, you may slowly drop out of training and join the party of “I can’t do fitness because I have a few bad injuries from my younger years”. I used to see this all too often when coaching big classes. It used to kill me.

    Until I realised that the solution was simple.

    Smaller classes with high-quality coaches will provide a better client experience as they are able to tailor the training to suit each individual and their niggles and injuries. This in turn will promote radical progress in the gym. Ultimately, this means one more person (maybe you?) can be living at a higher level than they were a few months earlier.



If you’re ready to overhaul your lifestyle and you want to find out more about our small group fitness sessions on Brisbane’s northside, get in touch with our coach today.

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